Unfortunately our shop is currently closed. Life with 6, 4, and 1 year old boys is super crazy and I don't want to miss any minute of this craziness. Re-opening date may or may not occur. Please see below for our production calendar. We appreciate your patience.
Assembled Pinwheels:  Not currently taking orders
DIY Pinwheel Kits: Not currently taking orders
DIY Pinwheel Supply Items: Not currently taking orders
Banners/Pennants/Wrappers/Hats: Not currently taking orders
Invites/Thank Yous/Labels/Tags/Signs:  Not currently taking orders
NOTE: Orders over 100 pinwheels may require additional time.


 Most orders ship via USPS Priority Mail Insured which normally delivers within 3 business days (within the continental US), although this is not guaranteed.
Yard pinwhirls, some large handheld, and larger may orders ship via UPS Ground which guarantees delivery within 5 business days.
 Most international orders ship via USPS Priority Mail which normally delivers within 10 business days, although this is not guaranteed and can take much longer depending on Customs - perhaps one month or longer.
NOTE: We wait to billl via a Paypal Invoice for Shipping and Handling Fees until after items are packaged for shipment to ensure accurate billing.

WARNING! Our pinwheels/pinwhirls are not toys and should not be utilized as such. They are for decorative purposes only. Please keep operable pinwheels away from small children under the age of 3 or children who mouth toys as they contain small and sharp parts which may become dangerous and pose a choking or health hazard if pinwheel is disassembled. As our pinwheels are assembled using a pin and small beads, even with children under 12, parental supervision is necessary as to avoid injury. Pinwhirls, a division of crossroads cottage, llc will not be held responsible for injuries sustained.
•Although our operable pinwheels are able to spin, they will not spin as easily as the traditional metallic pinwheels as the paper used is a heavier cardstock. As with all pinwheels an adequate amount of wind is required for movement. They will not operate with merely a slight breeze nor will they operate indoors without either a fan on high or blowing on them. The direction of wind also plays a part as to whether they will rotate independently.  If you are having trouble getting them to spin outdoors in the wind, rotate the angle of the pinwheel. All of our pinwheels are made to rotate by blowing on them. It is best to blow on them from a side angle rather than directly forward onto them.
•Each of my pinwheels is tested to ensure that they will spin before they are packaged. If your pinwheels arrive and they are having difficulty spinning, parts of the pinwheels may have shifted during packaging or shipment.  To correct this problem, carefully move the pin (metal) portion of the pinwheel.  Slightly moving this portion of the pinwheel (either left or right, or up or down) usually corrects this problem.
•Our pinwheels are handcrafted in smoke free homes. Although they are hand made with quality, since they are assembled with small and delicate objects, they will not withhold strong pulls on parts, bending, or being crushed.  We will not be held responsible for pinwheels that are damaged as a result of rough treatment or pose a danger to users because of this disassembly. Since some parts are also constructed with cardstock, these pinwheels will not hold up to water nor can they withstand grease including that from icing. If inserting pinwheel handles or pegs into icing, be sure that paper does not touch icing as the grease will create oil stains on the paper. 
ALLERGY NOTICE: The homes where the pinwheels are created are not nut or peanut free zones.  Although the risk is probably very minimal, if you are worried about inserting the cupcake toppers into cupcakes because of a serious nut allergy, please let me know and we will create your pinwheels away from kitchen areas.  
Please note: Since they are made with papers, the pinwheels are not water or weatherproof.
Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ area.

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