All papers are printed in house on our professional ink jet printers which utilize professional fade and water resistant inks. They will not blead like most ink jet inks. Items are printed on matte papers.  Since all papers are printed in house, for pinwheels, clients are able to select their preferred papers for the outside/back and inside/front of their pinwheels. Our printers are quite costly and so are the inks which is why our prices are a bit higher than those who assemble pinwheels with store bought scrapbook papers. In addition, the printing process is very time consuming - ink jet printers are not speedy. ;)
We have over 1,000 current paper designs available for viewing here. Overwhelmed - you can also search by tags including colors and designs here. If you are concerned about colors, please request samples {see below paragraph} before placing an order as we do not offer refunds or returns on products because of color discrepancies. If you see a paper design that you like, but it's not in your preferred colors, we can alter the colors on most of our papers designs for an $8 alteration design fee. If you'd like 3 paper designs altered, a $24 design fee would be added to your product total. We'd just need your preferred Pantone/RGB color (see above for more information on finding these values). Or, you can also e-mail us a digital graphic of your preferred colors - invites work well. Photos of dresses, flowers, etc are more difficult to pull as there are generally multiple shades of colors in photos.
Due to individual monitor settings, what you see on your screen may differ dramatically from the actual print color received. In addition, colors received may vary slightly over time due to printer calibrations at the time of your order, which is standard for print houses. As a result, we cannot guarantee an exact color match for orders placed on different dates {this includes sample swatches ordered} for the same item or items sharing the same color palette. Colors will most likely be close, just not exact. {This is similar to die lots for fabrics and yarns.}
Note: We DO NOT accept returns and do not offer refunds, even on rush orders, because of color discrepancies. If you are at all concerned about color accuracy, please request a sample swatch before we begin production of your order.  See below for more info.
If you are concerned about colors, you can also request to receive sample swatches of colors. Again, colors may vary slightly over time due to regular press calibrations, which is standard for print houses. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the sample received and your actual print run {when your actual products are produced} will be exact - they will more than likely be fairly close, just not exact. Paper swatches are complimentary - just e-mail your preferred papers and address to
As mentioned above, the only way to guarantee a close color is to pay the extra fee for PMS/Pantone color match printing. Fees begin at $25 for each color that you'd like matched - again this is industry standard. For e.g. - if you have 3 colors in your wedding that you'd like to match, a $75 fee would be added to your product total. This fee covers my time to recalibrate and clean my printers ahead of your print run.  Color matching is also a very manual process for us.  Although we do utilize professional printers, we can't just click a button to match colors. We must print a sample, compare to the Pantone swatch book - alter, print, review - alter, print, review until we get close - in most instances it's impossible to get colors exact, but we do our best to get close. ALSO: Your complete order must be placed at the same time - i.e. if you place an order and then 2 weeks later decide to add more products to your order, the colors on the 2nd order will more than likely be a bit different - they will most likely be close, just not exact. If you don't know your preferred Pantone color, please see below paragraph.
If you are very particular about colors and want to ensure that the color you receive coordinates with all of your other event shades, we highly suggest PMS/Pantone color match printing. If you aren't sure of your Pantone colors, you can find out this information several ways:
 If you've worked with an invitation designer, they can usually forward you the Pantone #, RGB, HTML (hex codes), or CMYK values. You'll also want to inquire with them as to whether your printed invites were color matched - if not, there may also be slight color discrepancies.
 If you've not worked with a designer, and you have a particular color in mind (fabric, ribbon, or other graphic) - the easiest way for you to match colors is to visit a local print shop and ask to view their Pantone Color Bridge/Swatches. FedEx Kinkos shops sometimes have these guides, but you may be better off visiting a locally owned/independent print shop. You'll want to view their UNCOATED (not coated) guide. It may take awhile, but you'll want to hold up your swatch to the colors in the guide and try to get as close as possible. This may be practically impossible if you are dealing with fabrics or ribbons with shean or shine - in those instances you'll just have to settle for close. You'll want to write down the Pantone #, RGB, HTML (hex codes), and CMYK values for your preferred color(s).
 Or, if you are just okay with close, you can also view the below links for online Pantone guides. Once again, due to individual monitor settings, the colors will not be exact, but it will certainly give you a starting point.
Online Pantone Matching System Color Chart
Online Pantone Wedding Color Chart
At the Pantone Wedding link above, as well as viewing online Pantone swatches, you can also create wedding inspiration boards based on your colors, order Pantone color fan guides and Pantone chips. The chips come in very handy to distribute to vendors including florists, bakers, etc.
It normally takes us about one week (5 business days) to complete prints. In addition, it takes us some time to cut your items and if necessary, turn them over to our assembler to assemble. Because of this, and due to the custom nature of all of our items, all orders, including diy items, do take awhile to ship. For more information please view our Production Calendar. If you are requesting sample paper swatches, etc. this may also add on a few more weeks to your order shipment.

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