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Here's how:
 Email at least 3 photos of your party to shana@pinwhirls.com or upload them above.
 Photos should contain either our pinwheels or our other party/wedding supplies.   
 The more fun/creative you are with the items the better!
 Photos may be featured on our blog and/or websites.
Other details:
 By forwarding photos you are agreeing/allowing us to post the photos on our websites, blog, shop or etsy product listings, and/or flickr pages.
 We will (of course!) credit the photos to and/or your photographer. If applicable, please provide us with web address for linking.
 If you have a blog, we will also link to this page - again just provide us with the address.
 Please forward any other pertinent party details.
 Upon receipt of photo, promotion/discount code will be emailed to you within 1 business day. This code will entitle you to 15% off a furture order from pinwhirls.com.
Feel free to upload as many photos as you'd like to our pinwhirls group being sure to name, add a description, and tag each photo so that our current clients can search for creative ideas for their particular event. If you've added photos directly to our group, please email me to let me know that they've been added.

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