Design Your Own Wedding Pinwheel Bouquet (XL, Scalloped or Straight Edge) - Each

Faux Pearl Bead Spacers - Included in Pricing
Genuine Crystal Swarovski Bead Spacers
Clear Shimmering Beads with Genuine Crystal Swazrosvki Caps
Custom Extra Large Traditional Handheld Pinwheel Bouquet
Unique, fun, and inexpensive summer wedding bouquet replacement.
Perfect size for bride or bridesmaid bouquet.
Price is for each pinwheel.
No minimums.
These spinning pinwheels are just too fun. If you are lucky, and there is a slight breeze, these pinwheels will twirl as you and your attendants walk down the asile.
Upgrade your beads to genuine crystal swarovski beads or caps and your wedding party will shimmer and shine as they walk down the aisle.
Size Information:
Available with either 10", 12", or 15.25" Pinwheel Heads - measuring from tip across center of pinwheel to opposite tip.
The larger are more dramatic whereas the smaller will spin easier.
Note: The 15.25" heads may also have more difficulty spinning as they are made with a heavier cardstock to keep their larger wingspan less flimsy.
- Also available with either scalloped edges or straight/tailored edges.
Available w/ either 16" or 18" dowel rod - handle measures 17" or 19" w/ finial end. Total height from tip of 12" pinwheel to end of 16" dowel finial is approx 22". 
SORRY! Decorative center spinners and ribbon are no longer available.
Client can easily add ribbon upon receipt - just tie onto dowel.

PLEASE NOTE: We specialize in custom orders.
These pinwheels will not appear as shown. For EACH pinwheel you are able to choose your 2 preferred papers from hundreds of paper designs at this link. Place up to 2 preferred papers in the specified text box area below. If ordering more than one and you'd like differing papers for each pinwheel, please list papers as sets in specified area below. Also note preferred papers for inside and outside of pinwheels.

IMPORTANT! Please visit our production calendar to learn when this custom assembled item is available to ship.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not bill for shipping and handling fees until after your items are packaged for shipment. Item will most likely ship via UPS Ground which gurantees delivery within 5 business days. Estimated S&H fees for pinwheels on our 16" handle normally begin at $18 and fees for 18" handles normally begin at $25. The larger head sizes and orders of 4 or more will also increase shipping fees to $45 or more due to the size of box required.

Note: Initial two photos courtesy of Tessa Kim Bridal Accessories.
Third and below photo courtesy of
2nd photo below courtesy of Kristen W.

Finial end. 

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