#6 DIY Handheld Peony Pinwheel Kit - Set of 8

DIY Pinwheel Peony Kit
Handheld Pinwheels on 8" Handles
Perfect size for party favors or centerpieces.
Perfect for those who enjoy crafting and have the time and patience to perfect the pinwhirl peony process. Warning: These do require patience to assemble. Not the crafty type? We also offer these pinwheels assembled.

Set of 8
Available in sets of 8 only.

Kit contains everything you'll need to assemble our
Handheld Pinwheel Peonies:
- 8 page DIY Pinwheel Peony Guide complete with photos
- Pre-cut and hole punched Pinhweel Blossom Heads (4.5")
- Pre-drilled Pinwheel Handles (8")
- Glue (bottle size depends on total # pinwheels ordered)
- Shimmering Beads
- Pins
PLEASE NOTE: We specialize in custom orders.
These pinwheels will not appear as shown. For each set of 8 you are able to choose your 4 preferred papers from hundreds of paper designs at this link. Place up to 4 preferred papers in the specified text box area below. If ordering more than one set and you'd like differing papers for each set, please list papers as sets in area below.
IMPORTANT! Please visit our production calendar to learn when this custom diy kit is available to ship.

NOTE: DIY Pinwheel Guide will be emailed within 2 business days.

Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Insured.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not bill for shipping and handling fees until after your items are packaged for shipment to ensure accurate billing.


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