PLEASE NOTE: We have a $30 Shop Minimum.
Q: I’m interested in a custom order, how long does it normally take to complete an order from initial contact to shipment?
A: FYI: Please click here for our PRODUCION SCHEDULE and to learn when and how your custom/design your own/diy items are available for shipment. 
Q: Are custom pinwheel orders able to be rushed?
A: Yes and no. As our pinwheels are very labor intensive it depends on the size of the order and whether we have time available to complete your order taking into account our current production schedule. (See above question).  Please inquire to us at as to whether we are able to fit your rush order into our production schedule. The rush fee is 25% of your total order.  (For eg, if $200 was ordered, there would be a $50 rush fee added onto the total of your order. For a $50 order, $12.50 would be added onto the total.) If possible this consitutes our overtime fee. ALSO, please keep in mind that with rush orders, if items arrive damaged, etc. we will more than likely not have time to turn around replacements. 
We are not responsible for rush orders that have shipped and are either missing in action or have been damaged during shipment causing the items not to arrive in time for your event. Please allow plenty of time when ordering in case of situations such as the above.
If items are damaged during shipment, we will try to work with you on re-making the damaged pinwheels. This may be especially difficult or even impossible if your order was a large rushed order. If your order was a rush/last minute order that was damaged and you need them ASAP and replacements are possible, we will not be responsible for the additional express shipping charges.  If we are uanble to accommodate re-making your pinwheels in time for your event you will receive the insurance money due instead of replacement products.
Q: I'm interested in ordering pinwheels for an event or wedding in the far future. What is your process for placing these orders? How far ahead should I place them?
A: Please contact us as soon as you are sure that you'd like to utilize pinwheels at your event. This will ensure that we are able to fit your order into our production schedule.  We can either ship your pinwheels now or wait to ship about 2 months before your event.  Total payment is due before we begin production of your pinwheels.

Q: Do you have paper already in stock for smaller orders?
Yes, we have over 1,000 papers in stock for smaller and even larger orders.  We print these papers in house and thus we can print as many as you'll need. We are also able to alter colors for a small design fee. To view our paper selection just click here.

Q: I'm not finding a paper design I love on your website, how do I begin the process of selecting different paper?
A: Since we print all papers in house we can work with any digital paper design. Please click here for some recommended digital paper shops. We can also alter papers - click here for more info. Or, you can also go the commercial scrapbook paper route by
 visiting local shops that carry scrapbook paper. These include Archivers, Jo Ann Fabrics, Etc., Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. Visiting the shops in person will allow you to see the actual color of paper instead of the papers online where colors may vary due to monitor settings, etc.  If you find something you like, you can mail me the paper (I will let you know the approximate # of sheets you will need and I will also deduct the cost of the paper from your total order.) 

Q: What type of paper do you utilize when creating these pinwheels?
We prefer to work with 12x12 scrapbook papers. All pinwheel papers created inhouse are printed onto 65lb cover paper. When working with store bought papers, we normally work with 24lb to 65 lb. The lighter the paper the easier the pinwheel will spin.  The heavier cardstocks will spin; however, just not as easily as the lighter papers. The heavier the paper, the sturdier the pinwheels will appear. It's up to you which takes priority - the spin factor or the sturdy factor. We also love working with double sided cardstock papers as they are much more vibrant than the single sided papers which are usually white on one side (or you also have to be aware when searching online that some of the papers have gridded backsides or scanning bar codes).  The only exception to the double sided papers recommendation is if you plan on having your monogram printed on the inside of the pinwheels. We prefer this paper to be white so your logo will pop off the paper, and your monogram colors won’t interfere with colors pre-printed on the papers.
For our small cupcake topper/mini pinwheels, smaller patterns tend to work best as the pinwheels themselves are tiny. Mini dots and stripes seem to work very well with all of our pinwheel sizes.

Q: I've searched and searched in the stores and online and I still don't see I paper I love. What are my other options?
A: We can work with just about any digital file. Please click here for more information on recommended designers as well as more information on ordering. Or, for more information on altering designs and color matching please click here.
Q: Why do your pinwheels seem to run a bit higher than those who have recently started resaling pinwheels?
A: Our custom papers are printed in house on our professional printers which use professional grade water and fade resistant inks which are much more costly than traditional ink jet inks. The printing process for these papers also utilizes a large amount of ink and is much more costly than larger print runs of thousands of sheets of paper. Those companies who utilize commercial scrapbook papers to assemble pinwheels costs are naturally much lower. In addition, our printers are quite costly and the time involved in printing papers and designing them also increases our fees.  Just so you have an idea of how costly this is, many retail print shops will charge upwards of $3 and above for printing just one side of a 12x12 piece of paper.
Q: I'm really interested in integrating pinwheels into my upcoming event, how have people utilized your pinwheels in the past?
A:  Our pinwheels have been used in many different fashions at previous events.  For more information, photos and additional ideas on how to incorporate our pinwheels please click here and here. Or to view some of our previous custom products please click here.
Q: What is wheatgrass and where is it available for purchase?
A: Wheatgrass is normallly grown to blend into highly nutritious drinks or shakes.  However, in the past several years it's also been highly used in event centerpieces.  Just picture perfect green spring grass. (See below links for photos.) In most centerpieces it's cut to a height of several inches or can be cut shallower depending on the type of inserts/flowers you are planning on inserting. For more information on wheat grass including links for order, please click here.
Q: I'd like for my pinwheels to be "dressed up" a bit. Is this possible?
A: Yes, this may be possible. If you'd like more frilly or eye catching pinwheels we can certainly add crystals, etc. Just e-mail me your ideas/thoughts and I'll provide a quote on additional costs.
Q: I'd like the paper colors utilized in my pinwheels to also be utlized on my table number signs, menu cards, or other misc. signage throughout my event.  Are you also able to produce signage for my event?
A: Yes we are. For more information on styles and pricing, please click here.
Q: How are your pinwheels and paper items packaged for shipment?
A:  We've all had packages left on our door step in the rain.  To avoid problems that may occur if this should happen to you, all of our pinwheel and paper products are packaged in our zipper closure bags before shipment. They may not be the prettiest, although we try to dress them up a bit, but they'll be sure to keep your purchases clean and dry. :-)
Q: What method of shipment do you normally use on custom orders?
A: PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT BILL CUSTOMERS FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES UNTIL ORDERS ARE PACKAGED FOR SHIPMENT.  We dislike it when we are upcharged on shipping and thus we try to bill you as accurately as possible, which isn't possible until we know what you've ordered, the quantity and where your package is going. After your item has been packaged for shipment, we will bill you the additional amount via Paypal.
We normally ship via USPS Priority Mail, Insured.  With this shipment type, most items normally deliver within 3 business days although this is not guaranteed. As our items can be delicate, we require almost all items to be shipped Insured for the total cost of the product.  This protects both you and I in case of damage during shipment. (We also label all of our packages as 'Fragile' and 'Do Not Crush'.)  Exception: In some cases we prefer to ship our large handheld and yard pinwheels via UPS Ground as UPS is much more budget friendly on larger sized packages. (Although shipping on these items is still much more costly - usually starting around $17.) Shipping with UPS Ground normally is guaranteed within 5 business days.
Q:  How do you charge for shipping and handling?
A: Shipping costs are calculated once your items are packaged for shipment. Carriers take into account the type, dimensions, and weight of the box. As we recommend Insurance on all of our products, Insurance will also be billed to all orders. This fee begins at $1.85. We also reserve the right to add a small fee to orders to cover the packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, peanuts, and new boxing. (All items are shipped in new boxes.) We never try to make a profit off of shipping and do our best to charge you only for the actual shipping, packaging, and handling costs incurred.  This additional shipping amount will be billed/invoiced via Paypal after your item(s) have been prepared for shipment.  It will be billed to the e-mail address on file.
Q: What are your estimated shipping costs?
A:  From past experiences, most smaller orders of only a set of pinwheels, party hats, or table signs usually run around $9.00 for shipping and insurance. Some of the heavier items, such as pinwheel handles, may increase the fees by $2-$3 depending on the number orderered. If you live either far East, West, North, or South your shipping fees might also increase by $2-3.  In general most shipments of only a few sets of small pinwheels run anywhere from $9 - $10, Insured.  Larger orders of many pinwheels will certainly run more and our larger handheld (12" pinwheels) and yard pinwheels also increase the cost due to the shipping box required. Please contact me for guesstimates - although I'll only be able to give a guesstimate until your order has actually been boxed for shipment.
Q: Can items be Express shipped?
A: This depends on our schedule. Rush fees normally begin at 25% - this covers are our overtime fee. In addition, higher shipping fees will also be imposed by USPS or UPS. Express shipments normally begin at $25. In addition, we may also bill an additional $5-$10 to cover additional postal pick-up fees. For more info, please see Question #2 above.
Q: Can items be shipped internationally?
A: Yes, our cart is set-up to take international orders.  We will bill for shipping and handling fees once items are packaged for shipment. All international orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International which normally delivers within 10 business days, although this is not guaranteed and depends on how quickly items make it through customs. It can take much longer.  Fees normally begin at around $35 USD. Note: Although first class mail is a more budget friendly option, because of the increased shipping times and the greater chances for damage, we will only ship International orders via Priority Mail.
Q: What is your return policy?
A:  All custom or personalized products CANNOT be returned or refunded - even due to color discrepancies. This includes our custom printed papers. If you are at all concerned about color accuracy, please click here. If item is damaged or you are unhappy with an item, please let me know within 24 hours of your receipt of shipment. Thanks.
Q: I'm interested in ordering some of your custom pinwheels, but they are slightly out of my budget - what are my other options?
A: If you have the time and patience, we now have a Do It Yourself area on our site which sells all of the products we use to assemble our pinwheels, so we personally know the products work. We also have a Do It Yourself Instruction Guide available for purchase.  Now anyone with the time and patience can assemble the perfect party pinwheels. :)
Q: I recently ordered some of your pinwhirls. Upon receipt the colors appear a bit differently in person from the colors I originally saw posted on your site, why is this?
A: Due to individual monitor settings, the colors of the items on your screen may not agree with the actual color of the items received. If you are at all worried about colors (especially for weddings), we highly suggest that you request a swatch of the color ahead of your pinwheel production (note: this may add a couple of weeks onto production time while we wait for your approval).  We DO NOT accept returns, even on rush orders, because of color discrepancies this is why we highly suggest swatches.  If client turns down swatch or there is not enough time this does not alter our 'no returns' policy. Please click here for more info.
Q: What are your sticks/handles made of?
A: Our paper sticks/handles are made using a special grade of paper (layer upon layer) in compliance with the FDA which is made solely from virgin pulp and never contains recycled materials. Since they are made of paper, they will not hold up emerged in water for more than an hour or two.  Please keep this in mind.
Q: Do you ever offer any promotions?
A: Yes, from time to time we do offer promotions.  Please click here for more information. In addition, if photos are forwarded after your party/event we email you a promotion code good for 15% off a future order.
Taken at Lemiga Event's Soiree.           
Photo courtesy of Altmix Photography.  

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